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What's our Pricing?

Our Standard Price:

What's included?
Anything you want that we offer!

All inclusive for 2 hours 

Get What You Want - We'll Take Out What You Don't Want

  • Live photo Gallery During the Event

  • Photo, Video, Gif, & Boomerang capture options 

  • Up to 2 running hours

  • Instant access to photos (Wifi needed)

  • Set up and tear down

  • Travel up to 100 miles round trip

  • Marble Backdrop (Dark or light)

  • Live slide show display of your gallery (requires wifi)

  • Pose Tip Feature

  • Virtual Props

  • Props Table (limited props)

  • Booth Attendant

  • Survey mode- Great for creating a fun game for weddings and other personal events Glam filters- for skin smoothing and added glow

  • Other addable filter options

  • Colorful Ring Light customized to your event (Countless Options!)

  • Custom Green custom Screen photo gallery (Can be designed by our team, created by AI, or sent to us)

  • Up to 1 hour of idle time before or during the event  

Want more hours? See our other two options!


Specialty Enhancements
$150 Per added hour
$75 Per extra Idle hour
Special Business Promotion-$100-$200
Virtual Booth Option-$100


Capture Modes



Our unfiltered photos allow for great original photos & then eye popping green screen effects that  stand out (shown on the right)


3-4 captures take a few seconds apart! Turn your event into a popular Gif!


2-4 second videos


6-8 second videos usually but we can do up to 90 seconds!



Make your photo booth rental touchless for no extra cost! Get twice as many great pictures by just waving to start and get your capture in seconds! You can add our virtual booth to a touchless booth for half the add-on price! These options are great for those who want a safe photo booth option in modern times. It's easy to use and adds a fun safe feature to any event. 

Just wave to start!

Glam & other Filter


Our standard package includes the glam filter effect option for your event. This is a customizable filter that can add skin smoothing and glow effects at the amount that you choose for your event!

We also offer other fun filters and fun effects as an option that we can add to your event for you if you would like.


Marble Backdrop Options

Screenshot 2022-06-28 8.58.51 AM.png

Survey Mode


Survey more is a great way to interact with your guests. You can have them answer fun trivia questions about your events main person, theme. The survey mode can also be used to collect information from your guests or to take a poll!

Include your guests who can't make it to your event. Virtual Booth mode is a great way to make them feel included!

Virtual Mode

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